Nia, an internationally acclaimed practice for over 30 years.

Nia is now taught in 49 countries around the world. Awakening the senses, Nia teaches you to love your body and your life. Here in Australia, Nia is shared with enthusiasm by a lively community that has grown organically since 2004.


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  • 24th July, 2015 in Music & Videos

    Feel Good, Look Good

    “I feel fantastic, I feel really in my body and I feel my body is alive. I can sense my skin and my muscles and my bones, tingling, feeling. It’s always important to feel good first. The body wants to feel good and when the body feels good it looks so good; it brings a smile to my face.” Fantastic! 

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  • 22nd July, 2015 in Our Stories

    An Inner Connection and Sense of Being

    Ann Boon teaches in Morningside, Brisbane. One of her students, Glenys Gibson, shares her experience of Nia, describing what drew her to a Nia class and why she keeps coming back!

    “I feel I have benefited so much from Nia and I want others to have the opportunity to experience Nia, so I share my experience and encourage others to attend.”

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  • 22nd July, 2015 in FAQ and Tips

    Tips for Beginners

    Here are our Tips for Beginners, to help you get the most out of your Nia movement experience.

    • Bring a water bottle and dress to move. When you dance, wear anything that makes you feel free, comfortable and excited to move. Yoga clothing, dance or exercise wear or even a skirt changes the way you move, feel and workout.

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  • 22nd July, 2015 in FAQ and Tips, Nia Belt Trainings

    The White Belt – Nia’s Foundational Training

    The White Belt is open to everybody: no Nia experience necessary.

    Learn how to access your body’s innate wisdom and power through Nia’s 13 foundational principles. This training focuses on the ‘Art of Sensation’ with techniques, information and inspiration for you to feel deliciously embodied and more vitality, connection and Joy every day.

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  • 20th July, 2015 in FAQ and Tips

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are our FAQ. Feel free to email or call a teacher directly or Contact us if you have any more questions. Nia classes are adaptable for all ages, body types and fitness abilities. Everybody is welcome!

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  • 15th July, 2015 in Nia Practice

    The 7 Cycles of a Nia Class

    All Nia workouts use seven cycles. Each cycle has a unique purpose, and each is designed to fulfill specific student needs to ultimately deliver holistic conditioning. The Body’s Way reminds us that to maintain harmony and balance, we must move through these cycles.

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