What is NiaInspired by the martial arts, dance arts & healing arts, Nia is a transformational movement & lifestyle practice anchored in body-centred awareness.

Offering holistic conditioning and a connection to pleasure, Nia classes are suitable for every body; no experience necessary.

Created as an alternative to the “no pain, no gain” attitude to fitness, Nia is designed to nourish and nurture your body now and in the future.

Based on the intelligent design of the body, a classic Nia class is a barefoot, sensory-based, cardio movement class to music.

Some of the many benefits of Nia include cardiovascular health, alleviation of stress and anxiety, hormonal stability and an increase in well being, leaving you feeling energised, alive, mentally clear and emotionally balanced.

The practice draws on the chemistry of nine movement forms: Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern Dance, Duncan Dance, Yoga, the Alexander Technique and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais®.

This unique blend allows the body to move in fun and free ways that bring health and vitality to every part.

Crafted using 52 moves and the core element of self-expression, classes are adaptable for all ages and bodies.

Listening and dancing to an eclectic mix of global music, Nia teaches you to feel at home in your body, mind, emotions and spirit and to live with joy.

A Nia class, event or training opens a pathway towards conscious living, vibrant health and community. Through Nia’s sustainable movement you are able to tap into your body’s wisdom and connect to an inner sense of self, creativity and confidence.

The Nia practice provides tools to weave these powerful teachings into the fabric and rhythm of your every day life.

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If you have a body, you’re ready for Nia. So, why not step in and see how it feels?