Nia, an internationally acclaimed practice for over 30 years.

Nia is now taught in 49 countries around the world. Awakening the senses, Nia teaches you to love your body and your life. Here in Australia, Nia is shared with enthusiasm by a lively community that has grown organically since 2004.


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  • 4th July, 2021 in Body-Mind, Nia Community


    Have you been thinking about your body’s immune system and what it needs to stay balanced in order to do its job most efficiently? 

    Like many of us, you may be navigating through both emotional and physical hurdles.  What about taking time to tend to your well-being with a spotlight on your nervous system?   The sensations of a state of  ‘fight –  flight –  freeze’ (governed by the sympathetic nervous system) might be tightness in the chest, shallow breath, increased heart rate, joint pain, fear, sadness or anger.  These are signs to reach into your Nia bag of energetic movement tools and utilise what is needed in order to return to a place of balance, and back to a state of  ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic nervous system).

    The variety of offerings, whether they be online Nia classes, offerings or the tools learned in any and all belt trainings, allow for the return of balance, health, peace and feeling good. Read More >

  • 30th May, 2021 in Nia Community, Nia White Belt Training

    My White Belt Experience – by Giulia Ponticello

    What was your biggest takeaway from this training? 

    There have been so many takeaways, where do I start!  Being able to attend the unique experience of the White Belt ‘in person’ training was extraordinary in these times.  I gained a new awareness of my body and my body’s way in moving.  I was able to relax into awareness of my body and appreciated connecting to sensation gained through the repetition of movement katas (movement patterns).  I learned to trust my body, to listen and feel the movements, giving myself permission to stay longer in the movement to open to potential and possibility.

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  • 15th April, 2021 in Nia Community

    Let’s Make the Most of Every Chance to Dance Together

    Three new routines are produced by Nia Headquarters each year. One of those routines is released to the Nia Teacher Membership on the very last day of the year, and it’s like receiving a Christmas present! The most recent one is called 2GETHER.

    The name 2GETHER came from Debbie Rosas’s daughter who suggested how in this time of separation, people are hungry to be together again. A reminder that we are all connected.

    Being able to get together in person and in class is something I am deeply grateful for, knowing that others may still not be able to, and also knowing that things can change very quickly and one day we may not be able to.

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  • 9th February, 2021 in Nia Community, Our Stories


    That’s what they say…and it is true.

    Even Nia’s own commitment statement supports that line:

    Our focus and intent has always been for Nia to be a rich, diverse and inclusive community for every age, size, shape, gender, ability, race and ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, faith, belief system and all of the other beautiful qualities that make each individual body and spirit unique.” (

    That being said, not everybody is ready for Nia! That is something as a Nia teacher I recognise.

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  • 4th September, 2020 in Nia Community


    An Interview with artist, Annica Malmkvist who designed the Nia Swish on our apparel collection

    In 2018 Nia Australia commissioned Brisbane artist Annica Malmkvist to design the artwork for our first apparel collection. That was such a success we again commissioned her late last year for our Spring design also. Below you will learn about Annica’s story and the inspiration behind her artwork.

    Please share with us a little of your story?

    I was born in Sweden but since 2005 I have called Brisbane home. I recently celebrated my 15th anniversary of living in Australia – that was on the 19th August. It is a very special date for me, as it is also my sister’s birthday.

    Moving here 15 years ago with my partner, the intention was for us to only stay one year, as he had secured employment here. Through sponsorship, I was able to join him in Australia. It wasn’t long before I started on my own next life chapter and began training in Kahuna Massage on the Sunshine Coast and continued training there for many years.

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  • 5th June, 2019 in Nia Community, Our Stories


    “Rose Milton

    16 August 1948 – 13 April 2019

    Rose was a much loved member of the Nia community on the NSW South Coast.

    You may have danced with her at one of the many Nia events she enjoyed – the most recent being the Nia Australia Gathering in Berry in March this year.

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  • 5th June, 2019 in Nia Community

    #dance4dignity 2019

    Earlier this year we saw the power of our Nia Australia commUNITY and this was demonstrated once again with grace and generosity as 26 community classes came together to #dance4dignity to raise much-needed funds for Share the Dignity.

    Every day, 48,000 Australian women face another night with nowhere to call home.

    Not only did this wonderful event raise money it also raised awareness of the issues faced by women and girls experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and period poverty.

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  • 2nd April, 2019 in Nia Community


    One of the most wonderful benefits of practising Nia is the commUNITY of beautiful souls you meet along the way.

    It could be your teacher, your class members, other teachers, your students or even the many trainers who visit us from all over the world.

    The heart of Nia is JOY.

    This is the strongest when we come together.

    This happened in March when 42 people came together for The Gathering, in Berry NSW.

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  • 11th February, 2019 in Community News, Nia Community

    THE GATHERING 22-24 MARCH 2019

    It has been a number of years since Nia Australia has hosted its annual Gathering and as our community grows we wanted to offer the opportunity for us to come together to connect, learn and grow.

    The Gathering is a two-night, two-day experience for our Nia Australia Community Member or Teacher Members. It will be held in Berry NSW on the 22nd-24th March 2019.

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  • 30th June, 2018 in Nia Community

    Nia is more than a practice, it’s a community

    Community quote

    If you are on Facebook you may have noticed a few people sharing a video about community. It is titled – ‘What we do together matters’ – a video celebrating community.

    It pulls up your photos and has this text overlay over the video;

    What we do together matters
    Community means a lot
    but it’s different all over the world
    whoever you ask,
    one things is always the same.
    It’s what we do for each other
    that makes community matter.

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