Nia Body + Life Trainings

Combining techniques and knowledge from dance, martial arts, mindfulness, neuroscience and healing, Nia reminds us that learning, moving, self-healing and becoming more embodied can be infused with Joy. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic movement practice addressing each aspect of your life – body, mind and soul.

The first step onto the Nia training path, Nia Art of Sensation takes you on a journey of self-discovery through movement mindfulness connection and joy. Come, just as you are and immerse yourself in the nourishing company of others, a sacred circle of freedom, healing, and growth.

The training can be completed either as an interactive Online Course over 16 weeks OR as a 6-day In-person Immersion (plus 18 weeks access to OnDemand content).  In Art of Sensation (the new White Belt), you’ll learn and embody –

  • Nia’s mindful practices, including “5Stages”
  • 13 Nia White Belt principles beginning with Joy of Movement
  • Nia’s 52 Moves
  • Body Literacy – listening to your body and inner wisdom to make empowered choices for a healthier body and meaningful life.

The online training portal includes on-demand Nia classes, meditations, guided FreeDance, readings, “Learn” book, and optional group mentoring calls.

Each training explores five core areas of study to enhance your body + life:

  • Movement Creativity – study of moving, health + potential
  • Sensory Anatomy – study of body parts + systems
  • Sensation Science – study of body awareness, health + vitality
  • Music + Sound Resonance – study of sound, health + expression
  • The Body’s Way Philosophy – study of the body’s inherent wisdom

Interested in Teaching Nia?

After completing the Art of Sensation training and becoming a Sacred Livelihood Member, you can begin to learn to teach Nia. Find out more:

There are also specialty certifications such as Moving to Heal, 52Moves, MOVEit, 5Stages, FreeDance and Floorplay.

Nia ‘Art of Sensation’ Body + Life training – a journey of well-being 

Register by 31 December 2023 and receive USD200 off! Use coupon code: SAVE200WB

Wellington NZ with Sophie Marsh and Stephanie DeMay. 13-19 April 2024 plus 16 weeks access to online content. 

Investment: USD1599. Register now with 50% deposit:

Canberra ACT with Sophie Marsh. 28 May – 2 June 2024 plus 16 weeks access to online content. 

Investment: USD1599. Register now with 50% deposit:

Brisbane QLD with Sophie Marsh. 26 September – 1 October 2024 plus 16 weeks access to online content.

Investment: USD1599. Register now with 50% deposit:

FULL RETAKE for grads (no discounts apply)
Investment: USD799.50. Register now with USD299 deposit. Email Sophie for registration link: