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Nia is now taught in 49 countries around the world. Awakening the senses, Nia teaches you to love your body and your life. Here in Australia, Nia is shared with enthusiasm by a lively community that has grown organically since 2004.


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  • 30th May, 2021 in Nia Community, Nia White Belt Training

    My White Belt Experience – by Giulia Ponticello

    What was your biggest takeaway from this training? 

    There have been so many takeaways, where do I start!  Being able to attend the unique experience of the White Belt ‘in person’ training was extraordinary in these times.  I gained a new awareness of my body and my body’s way in moving.  I was able to relax into awareness of my body and appreciated connecting to sensation gained through the repetition of movement katas (movement patterns).  I learned to trust my body, to listen and feel the movements, giving myself permission to stay longer in the movement to open to potential and possibility.

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