Have you been thinking about your body’s immune system and what it needs to stay balanced in order to do its job most efficiently? 

Like many of us, you may be navigating through both emotional and physical hurdles.  What about taking time to tend to your well-being with a spotlight on your nervous system?   The sensations of a state of  ‘fight –  flight –  freeze’ (governed by the sympathetic nervous system) might be tightness in the chest, shallow breath, increased heart rate, joint pain, fear, sadness or anger.  These are signs to reach into your Nia bag of energetic movement tools and utilise what is needed in order to return to a place of balance, and back to a state of  ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic nervous system).

The variety of offerings, whether they be online Nia classes, offerings or the tools learned in any and all belt trainings, allow for the return of balance, health, peace and feeling good.

Have you every wondered what the Nia teacher health and wellness pros have to say about all of this? 

Let’s find out from Andrea Pauquet-Litchfield, a psychologist and Nia Brown Belt based in Perth:

I work with Trauma survivors and one of the many benefits of Nia is that it provides a mechanism for reintegrating parts of the body, mind and spirit.

Parts that either froze in terror or were buried far from consciousness as a primal response to threat. Nia is a wonderful way to ground, self soothe and choose joy whilst gently introducing sometimes forgotten moves, gestures and emotions that could not be processed often from an early age.

Many of my students can name when certain moves or body parts were shut down and some only realize these lost sensations when they effortlessly “switch on” in natural time. The body’s way may not involve one spoken word. Single or repeated gestures through the wisdom of the 52 moves evokes love, safety, joy or power.  Shut down parts of the soul defrost sometimes magically and tears of relief, loss or joy roll. 

My students gain confidence in the wisdom of the body to self-heal. 

I am in awe of this gift to every body. Every body holds the story and Nia is a powerful way to rescript the story and rewrite the brain one move at a time. 

(With thanks to Randee Fox, Nia faculty trainer and 2nd Degree Black Belt instructor ©Randee Fox 2020)

Andrea has completed the Nia White, Blue and Brown Belt trainings. Andrea is based in Perth.

Nia has given me a new, deeper relationship with my body, mind, spirit and heart. I watch people heal effortlessly as they move with meaning. The best part about Nia is that it is for everyone. The joy of movement is addictive and its good for you! I hope to spread Nia in Perth as I believe that we are all made to move and connect with ourselves and our community. All we need is the space!

I have been teaching Nia in South Africa for the last 7 years and am priviledged to bring the Nia Africa community spirit with me. Why do I teach? I teach to share the joy of movement, to master the different movement forms and to keep fit, flexible and strong! Come and step in to your power with me. Lets play together. Lets build the Nia community together!”


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