“Turbulence and divisiveness can distort our minds, leaving us susceptible to the contagion of fear. Like the common cold virus, fear is all around us….and none of us is immune.”

The easiest way I know to build immunity against fear (and the cold virus!) is to raise our vibration with Joy, individually and collectively. Nia’s foundational principle, Joy of Movement, is more than just feeling happy. This Joy is an expansive life-affirming energy that can sit beside any emotion.

The practice begins with coming into your body with awareness. Take some deep breaths and as you move, consciously invite in Joy as the sensation of life-force dancing within. It may not happen immediately (or it might)… so keep moving and choosing Joy until you feel a tingling in every cell that translates to vibrant aliveness, glowing from the inside out.

Joy makes me feel more centred, connected, buoyant, empowered, and open to other possibilities.

Joy energy is Universal, meaning it is available to everyOne, no matter what you do, or where you are from, or what religion (if any) you follow, or what colour your skin is, or who you love, or what your gender is. Joy is a great equaliser. Joy is Love in action.

“Make no mistake… Joy is medicine in times of turbulence. Feelings of joy move you from your primitive fight or flight brain (limbic system) into the more evolved part of your brain (neocortex) so you can stop spinning with anxiety and frustration ~ and step out in the world and make a positive difference.” Dr Deborah Kern, Nia Black Belt

When rapid changes or distressing news comes our way, we may feel thrown off balance, powerless, agitated, depleted, sensitive, sad, hopeless, or worried. That’s our body-mind’s way of saying, “Pay attention, take care of yourself and keep moving those feelings through.”

We’ve got this.

We have the power to Choose.

Make small changes (tweak) until that expansive Joy sensation arises again.

Give yourself a daily dose of Joy medicine… dance, sing in the car, walk in nature, talk with a friend, swim in the ocean, hug a pet, help a neighbour, see a funny movie, light a candle for planetary healing.

Do whatever it is that lights up your Joy… and let it ripple out.

Together we can raise the vibration, starting with ourselves.

Today I Choose Joy.

Love Sophie


Sophie is a White Belt Trainer in the International Nia Training faculty. Sophie has completed the Nia White, Green, Blue, Brown and Black Belt trainings, the Art of Teaching (Level 1), Moving to Heal, 52 Moves and the Nia 5 Stages trainings.

Sophie is based in Brisbane. Sophie Marsh is Australia’s only Nia White Belt Trainer and most experienced Nia Black Belt teacher.

For over 18 years, she has guided people to come home to their body, to reclaim their aliveness, fitness, well-being and sense of Self.

Since bringing Nia back to Australia in 2004 after living in the US, she has been collaboratively building and leading an Australia-wide Nia community. In her classes, workshops, retreats and trainings,

Sophie holds a welcoming and playful space for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with their body’s innate wisdom and joy of movement. Sophie also shares adapted Nia sessions, “Joy Therapy” for populations with special needs, including multicultural communities, teens and older populations, mental health groups, cancer survivors, and for women desiring to heal their relationship with their sensuous body.

“We are all born with unlimited magnificence. What if there was a way of moving and living in your body that reconnected you to the sensation of that truth? Whether it’s a Nia class or the 7 day White Belt training, you already have all you need within. Your body knows. You are ready now. It’s time to step in.”


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