Nia White Belt Training is the pathway to becoming a Nia Teacher

I know you! I know who you are.

You’re the student in class who teaches in your mind. You already have a class behind you. And in your imagination, you are there teaching them.

And you love to dance! “I could do this”, you think.

Then that other little voice comes in. It plants a seed of doubt.

“I can’t do it” 
“There’s too much to learn” 
“I’m un-coordinated” 
“I don’t have the time” 
“It’s too expensive” 
“I can’t move like that” 
“I’m too old, young, big, small, shy, unfit”

I know you because that’s me! 

You may never have seen the 10 years ago version of me before I started my Nia journey. I have often referred to myself as being ‘movement dyslexic’. 

My first Nia class was hilarious to me because I was so ‘bad’, but I really enjoyed the style of class.

I was interested in continuing with Nia.

After that introductory class, I had no other option but to do Nia in my own home as there were no teachers locally. But that also allowed me to be safe. To go left when the teacher was moving right, to not use my arms at the same time as moving my feet because that was just too much, to skip some tracks because they were too hard. I could do all those embarrassing things in private.

After a while, I started hearing that teaching voice in my head.

“I can do this!”, I thought.

I was growing out of being in my home and wanted some playmates.

I went to my Nia White Belt Training. I thoroughly enjoyed the training! 

I do remember getting pretty frustrated with myself though, because of my un-coordination during the Nia classes.

But I went with a good plan. I had encouraged a friend to join me (a very courageous friend* who had no idea what Nia was), and at the time my plan was to support her in learning to teach, so I could be her student.

That plan kind of changed.

There was still that voice saying “I can do this”. 

I knew that if I didn’t dive into the teaching path quickly I would let those seeds of doubt germinate, and besides, I would forget what I had learned.

“If I learn the routine really, really, really well at home, in private, then I can I dance and teach it in a coordinated way… in public”, I thought.

And do what I love, which is to dance and, as it turns out, teach. 

So weirdly, one of the reasons I decided to teach was because I was so uncoordinated.

Your little voice is a really good thing.

It’s kept you safe.

Safe from embarrassment, or worse, humiliation, disappointment and all those other uncomfortable feelings.

I would like to reassure you that if you want to teach, the path is there for you.

The Nia White Belt Training is exceptionally designed.

Most importantly, Nia recognises that you learn when you are relaxed.

That’s how all the trainings are set up.

The White Belt training is your entryway to teaching Nia.

Then there is a rich community of Nia teachers and well-established students who are ready, willing and able to back you up and support you as much as you need.

We have a White Belt Training in Canberra from 27 September to 3 October 2019, with an exceptional trainer, Sophie Marsh

And we really do need so many more Nia teachers!

People need this practice in their lives and are ready for it.

Fiona Glenn Nia Teacher Canberra ACT

Fiona has completed the Nia White, Green, Blue, Brown and Black Belt trainings and the Nia 5 Stages training. Fiona is based in Canberra.

Fiona has always had an interest in health, human development and potential, and the field of epigenetics and epienergetics, and the central role the nervous system plays in this. She has been a practising chiropractor for 26 years.

“One of my roles as a chiropractor has been to help people to learn to live in their bodies. To bring them to greater self awareness and connection. To find a movement practise that is completely congruent with this, and one that inspires, educates and motivates people to change their bodies and their lives is such a blessing. For me, as a Nia student and as a Nia teacher, the practise of Nia has given me permission to express myself through my form and it comes from the inside out. I am inspired by something bigger than me, and I feel compelled to share it with everyone. I fell in love with Nia at my first class, and our love for each other continues to unfold and grow.”

Learn more about Fiona and visit her Class Timetable.


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