“I learned about Nia after 20 years of Yoga. The dance element in Nia was a giant a-ha in my life, and constantly brings me back into a sense of balance in my body, mind and spirit. In 2013 I completed Nia’s White Belt training, then followed soon after with Blue Belt and Nia 5 Stages. I feel privileged to have danced Move To Heal with the utterly incredible Debbie Rosas. 

I just love to share this movement with others as we all hold space for each other.

Nia with Nat feels fun as we unleash our inner spirit creature and allow our imagination to take us to wonderful places, aiming to activate all parts of our being as we move in a supportive, friendly, and safe environment. Combining martial arts, dance and meditative awareness practices, hopefully you’ll leave class feeling energised and peaceful.

We are barefoot. The lights are dimmed. Let the breath flow deeply. Trust your body.”

Natalie is based in Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia.

Pricing and Details

Sliding Scale: $10/$15/$20 depending on your financial position that week, paid anonymously into a payment tin.

Tuesday evenings at Pillar of Light- 3/84 Grange Rd, Welland, South Australia

5:30pm: Gentle Nia tailored to those looking for a less exuberant experience, and more focus on function,  gently easing into sensory awareness.

6:30pm: Classic Nia for all fitness levels.

Current Classes

Location Class Type Time
3/84 Grange Road, Welland SA, Australia
Gentle Nia 5:30pm Tuesday
3/84 Grange Road, Welland SA, Australia
Classic Nia 6:30pm-7:30pm Tuesday

Pillar of Light

3/84 Grange Road, Welland SA, Australia

Classic Nia is a joyful, low impact movement class inspired by soul-stirring music. Nia’s unique blend of martial arts, dance and mindfulness gives you an energising cardio workout that benefits body, mind, emotions and spirit. You’ll be guided to listen to your body, moving with sensations of aliveness, pleasure and ease. Adaptable for all ages and fitness levels, Nia meets you where you’re at and invites you to move in your own body’s way.

Gentle Nia is a playful and relaxing movement experience infused with music that benefits body, mind and spirit. It includes the fundamentals of a Classic Nia class at a slower pace for those wanting more of a work-in than a workout. It provides more time and space for you to mindfully connect to life-force energy and move in your body’s way.

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