Jo has completed the Nia White, Green, Blue, Brown and Black Belt trainings and the Nia 5 Stages, 52 Moves, Art of Teaching and Moving to Heal trainings. Jo is based in Brisbane and has been teaching Nia for over 9 years.

From her very first Nia class, when she was invited to let her inner child out to dance, Jo let go of her mind-based inhibitions and truly “danced like no-one’s watching”. In that moment she knew there was something extremely magical about what Nia can bring to people’s lives and it became her passion to share the many gifts of Nia with others.

Jo shares Nia from a place deep within, allowing her personal connection with the music, the movement and the mindfulness of the practice, to touch others and bring about their own unique class experience. Jo’s expertise enables her to craft Nia sessions that take participants on a journey to healing, fitness and freedom. No two classes are ever the same. Jo’s classes allow for personal attention and tailoring to individual and group needs.

Beginners are always welcome. There is no need for low level and advanced classes as Nia is designed to encourage every individual to learn how to adapt the movements to their own body’s unique way, and Jo will guide you in this process.

Jo also works with community and corporate groups and organisations to provide healing and fun movement sessions and workshops. 


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