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Discover Nia - ONE practice that offers:
the joy of dance, the flexibility of yoga,
the mindfulness of meditation, the power of martial arts,
the ability to heal your self, and so much more

What is Nia?

SoAnn optNia is a fun expressive movement practice that leaves you feeling energised and alive. Blending the latest mind body science with ancient wisdom, Nia guides and inspires us to live and move sustainably in a body.

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Transform how you live in your body and life - Nia White Belt Training

WBGradsDive into the art of sensation, immersing yourself for a week in Nia's body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. The White Belt is for everybody interested in exploring self-healing, self-discovery and self-mastery via movement, music, philosophy, science and anatomy. No prior Nia experience is necessary. 

Registrations Open for these Nia Trainings:

26 Sept - 2 Oct White Belt Training Melbourne with Sophie Marsh

13-14 January  Nia 5 stages Training Brisbane with Laurie Bass

16-22 January Nia Brown Belt Brisbane with Ann Christiansen

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2015 White Belt Training dates TBA for Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane!

Search our Events Calendar to find a host of amazing workshops, playshops, routine immersions and community dance jams happening all around Australia.



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