Rebecca is an enthusiast in all dance cultures and self-expressive dance movement.

Feeling our birth-right joy and embracing our unique true Self are Rebecca’s principles of life. Rebecca has completed her Nia White Belt training and is based in Brisbane.

Rebecca is a National Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. 

Above all, Rebecca is a deep Nia diver and certified Nia Teacher!

Rebecca is a member at DTAA (Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australia) and Dance4Parkinson’s Organisation.

In Rebecca’s therapy sessions, she has assisted her clients to achieve sustainable therapeutic outcomes by engaging their body’s sensory wisdom and enlivening their creative dance movements.

Rebecca’s studio is always ON. Besides Nia Classes, she holds theme dancing events and Chinese cultural events.  

Nia dance with Rebecca is unleashing, playful, empowering, therapeutic and connective. She invites you and your inner child to her safe, joyful and nourishing space to have a great time leaping together! 

Make Rebecca’s dance classroom your LIVE stage!

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