Jane has completed the Nia White and Green Belt trainings and the 52 Moves training. Jane is based in on the Gold Coast, Qld.

“I am passionate about helping women wake up and realise they matter. I do this by supporting them to re-align with their power, embrace their gifts and transition in to doing the things they love now, so they can live a life of ease and freedom.

As a former professional tennis player, I had struggled for years to find exercise that I really in-joyed. I did my first 2 Nia classes early in 2014 and then did my 3rd class November 2017. After that class I registered for the Nia White Belt Training. Between my second and third Nia classes, I experimented with many movement forms, but none that I felt really connected to (although I did resume playing tennis for a while, however no longer do that). 

During the Nia White Belt training, I started to listen to my body more and wake up parts of my body that had been asleep. I loved the way the teachers supported me to be my own authority and take notice to what I was sensing within. This was quite different from what I experienced before. I am now learning to listen to my body and move it in a way that feels nourishing!”


Formal Qualifications –

M.Ed, B.Teach/BHPE (Hons), Diploma Life Coaching, Advanced Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching.

Pricing and Details

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Mobile:  0411 033967

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