Anita has completed the Nia White, Green, Blue and Brown Belt trainings and the Nia 5 Stages training. Anita is based in Sydney.

“I am truly passionate about teaching and practicing Nia! Through my practice of Nia, I am able to deepen my awareness of my body and my whole self. I develop my strength, stability, agility, mobility and flexibilty. I also have the opportunity to play with creativity, experience the joy of movement, amazing music, and sense pure freedom.

With Nia I have learnt to self heal my body through my awareness of body sensation and my movement habits. I am always excited to share Nia with others, and to help support my students to be at ease and feel better in their body. I am very grateful that I have found Nia and the wonderful community of people that I have met through Nia. Nia has changed my life and how I live it.”

Pricing and Details

Classic Nia 1 hr: $18 Casual, $25 for first 3 classes (new to Nia people only) or $117 for 9 week term.

Classes run in NSW school terms.


Mobile: 0448 820 931

Current Classes

Location Class Type Time
Jim Jam Music, 11 Coronation Street, Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia
Classic Nia 6:30pm - 7:30pm Thursday

Jim Jam Creative Arts Studio

Jim Jam Music, 11 Coronation Street, Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia

For Nia feel free to wear any exercise or comfortable clothing that makes you feel good and free to move. Bring along a water bottle and a towel or yoga mat if you have one. Nia is designed to be practised barefoot. If there are physical reasons not to practise barefoot, soft sole shoes can be worn.

A Classic Nia class is a sensory-based, cardio movement class to music that blends 52 moves with martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts – body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Open to all levels.

The Nia 5 Stages class experience is a guided moving meditation. You’ll learn a fun, simple and powerful way to explore anatomy and integrate that exploration into your own body in an effortless and relaxing way. Nia 5 Stages leads to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being by tapping into the five stages of human development: embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing and walking. Practised with awareness, these stages have the power to facilitate optimal alignment, improved function and comfort in the body and are adaptable for every body.

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